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How To Clean Automotive Upholstery

To have your car in that it “looks-like-new” condition is easier said than done. As a car owners, you want to preserve your investment and get the maximum use out of it for as long as its ‘natural life’ can last. There are those of you, who are looking to restore an old car, and resell it. While there are those of you, who are restoring old cars as a hobby.

Whatever your reasons, one thing remains certain. You all want quality automotive cleaning products that will refurbish your auto quickly and with as little effort as possible. One particular headache, especially with an old car, is how to clean the upholstery. That is just the beginning, you then start asking yourself: should I clean the upholstery while they are still in place or should I remove them first? Must I use cleaning products uniquely meant for cleaning this particular upholstery or can any generic product do? Is the car upholstery different from house furniture upholstery?

A new car can just as well be as difficult to clean. Especially if there was an accidental coffee spill, a child forgot a crayon, and it melted into the upholstery, someone got inside the car with gum stuck to the sole of his or her shoe. If the stain is not cleaned out for a while, or if the cleaning was done partially, it will be extremely hard to remove. As a rule of thumb, always clean stains ASAP.

To a great extent, the same cleaning products used to clean a leather or vinyl chair, should also work on a car’s leather or vinyl interiors. The carpeting used inside the car should respond just as well to cleaning products as household carpets to the same products; although you should be careful to use a cleaning product suited to the given fibers. Thus, the first thing you should consider before embarking on cleaning your vehicle’s interior, is to identify the type of material used to make the upholstery.

Secondly, determine the type of stain you are dealing with; this could be difficult if the stain has aged on the car. Take, for instance, stains caused by spilled cola and grease may look alike in color, but they respond better to different cleaning products. It is imperative that you identify the type of stains you are dealing with, and the right cleaning product for the job.

Before cleaning the entire interior of the car, you must first clean out unusual stains. Things like gums and sticky stains need to be handled with much care. These days, you can find products that will freeze them in place or change their chemical composition thus allowing you to clean easily by simply scraping away. Cleaning out crayon stain is another headache on its own, given it also needs special handling. Crayons are not only wax-based but also have pigments. To effectively remove their stains, you may need two different cleaning products and two separate cleaning steps; depending on the degree of staining. Using a cleaning product specially designed for removing crayons will be a good first step.

For sugar-based food and drink spills, you can use any good spot remover to do the job. Then, you should follow up with a thorough steam cleaning. Should the stain be on the stitching of the leather or vinyl, a spot cleaner should efficiently do the job. If you have grease-based stains, using a good degreaser like the Formula 21 Grease Stain Remover should clean it out.

After removing all the unique stains from the car’s interior. You can then start giving the whole interior a thorough cleaning; taking caution to use the right cleaning product with regards to your type of upholstery. For car interiors made up of leather and vinyl, you can use specially formulated products like Leather Cleaner and Fuller Vinyl. For the grime that builds up on older seats, a good degreasing product like Fulsol All-Purpose Degreaser will suffice. The fabric covering the seats and carpets should be able to handle a thorough steaming as a form of cleaning. However, you should be careful not to get the fabric too wet. The upholstery and carpet cannot be removed outside to dry. Instead, slowly clean over small areas, and if you must dampen a surface, only dampen just enough to remove the soil.How To Clean Automotive Upholstery

It is recommended that you leave the car’s doors wide open with the windows rolled down for a while, after finishing cleaning the car. This will hasten the process of drying up. For antique fabrics, check with the manufacturer before you embark on treating or steaming.

We cannot emphasize further that you should use the right cleaning products, on the right type of stains and following the correct cleaning procedure. No upholstery dirt or stain is irremovable. As a car owner, you are very well capable of doing these on your own if you follow the right procedure.

However, we understand you might be busy with work and other things, and might not have the time for superb cleaning. Here, is where Super Suds Carwash Services comes to the rescue. We have professional and experienced cleaners, who have the above tricks and many more up their sleeves. If you would like your car to have that “look-like-new” look, drive into our carwash for professional service. For more details on this, check out our Carwash Service page.

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