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Let the SuperSuds Pros Protect Your Car and Mother Earth

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To help put a stop to pollution in the new millennium, clean your car at SuperSuds rather than in your driveway at home. SuperSuds uses water efficient equipment like computer controlled systems, high-pressure nozzles and pumps to clean cars thoroughly while also conserving water – much more than by simply using a garden hose. In fact, studies have shown that washing your car in your driveway can use up to 10 times more water than taking your car to SuperSuds.

To further help protect the environment, the government has established The Clean Water Act which requires professional car washes to pipe their dirty water to water-treatment facilities or into state- approved drainage facilities. Home car washing pollutes the environment as the soap and dirt end up in storm sewers, which flow out into lakes, streams and rivers.

Clean your car and make the earth better


Not only are SuperSuds car washes better for the environment, they serve as preventative maintenance to keep your car in good condition, which, in the long run protects your investment. A good finish on your vehicle means a higher resale or trade-in value. All vehicles, regardless of the finish (clear coat, acrylic, enamel, etc.) require regular washing throughout the year. Besides, washing your car is like brushing your teeth or taking a shower – you just feel better afterward. Still not convinced? Following are a few more reasons to invest a few dollars in the services of a Professional car wash like SuperSuds.

Save time. Having your vehicle cleaned by SuperSuds takes a fraction of the time necessary to clean it yourself, leaving plenty of weekend left for relaxing.

Protect your car’s looks. Time is a contributing factor that can harm your car’s exterior. The longer an attacking substance is on the vehicle, the greater the probability and extent of damage. The thorough cleaning available at SuperSuds removes harmful substances quickly and efficiently.

Sea and road salt cause a chemical reaction that can accelerate the pitting and rusting of your car’s surface. The undercarriage is especially prone to this damage due to the many nooks and crannies where the salt can hide.

“I get my car routinely washed once a week at a professional car wash for preventative maintenance measure, but with the usually harsh winters in Boston, I sometimes increase my trips to get rid of the salt and dirt from the snow. Getting my car washed just makes me fell terrific as the car looks nice and I know it protects my investment. It’s a positive experience!”

___says professional car wash fan Douglas M. Kalata,


Professional car washes like SuperSuds can also help protect and heal your vehicles surface from the harmful effects of intense heat, ultraviolet rays and damaging moisture.

Clean wheels. Road grime and brake dust cling to wheels and hubcaps. If not removed, they can actually permeate the metal, causing major damage. Also, clean wheels and undercarriage make your car run smoother, providing a better ride.

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